Upon successful completion of their graduate studies and BTP appointments, students have entered careers in the following areas:

Career Outcomes Graph

Some of the companies our trainee alumni have joined following graduation:

Career Placement Highlights:

"Getting nominated to BTP was the tipping point that convinced me to come to UW-Madison because I knew I had some guaranteed funding that would give me flexibility, and I would learn important skills. I think Dow found it really attractive that I had strong experiences in collaborating across different disciplines but had also done my own work in both biological and chemical systems."

- Joe Moore, Technical Support Specialist at Dow Microbial Control

"I think if I wasn't part of BTP and learning so much about patenting, startups, and industry, I would have been a bit more skeptical about starting this company (Pathogenomica). I think just being familiar with these concepts made it easier to say yes, and that was very beneficial."

- Jackie Mejia, current trainee and co-founded of Pathogenomica