Alberto D. Guerra

Degree Program: Pharmaceutical Sciences
Mentor: W. John Kao
Phone: (651) 769-4550

Current Research

Development of stem cell and antibiotic-loaded hydrogels for accelerated infected wound healing, investigation of a stem cell-based vaccine for HIV-1, development of a peptide-releasing hydrogel for the treatment of x-linked hypophosphatemia


Alberto Daniel Guerra, David Antonio Cantu, Joseph T. Vecchi, Peiman Hematti, Warren E. Rose and Weiyuan John Kao. Mesenchymal stromal/stem cell and minocycline loaded hydrogels inhibit the growth of Staphylococcus aureus that evades immunomodulation of blood-derived leukocytes. The AAPS Journal. 2015; 17(3):620-630.

Edwin R. Price, Lisa J. Ruff, Alberto Guerra and William H. Karasov. Cold exposure increases intestinal paracellular permeability to nutrients in the mouse. Journal of Experimental Biology. 2013; 216(21): 4065-4070.

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