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About BTP

The NIGMS-funded Biotechnology Training Program (BTP) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison provides foundational training for pre-doctoral students engaged in cutting-edge research across the interface of the biological, physical, and engineering sciences.

The BTP program consists of four major components that enhance the trainee's PhD dissertation program: (1) development of a cross-disciplinary minor; (2) BTP seminars and coursework to enhance their understanding of the biotechnology industry; (3) responsible conduct of research seminars with students from across campus; and 4) industry internships and other opportunities to interact with industrial scientists.

The BTP provides a unique training experience at UW-Madison by bring trainees and faculty together from four schools and colleges. Our focus on cross-disciplinary research and promotion of the importance of an internship to the effective training of scientists and engineers distinguishes us from other training programs on campus.

Our goal is to have all BTP trainees complete our program requirements, publish leading research in the discipline of their choosing, graduate with a PhD degree, and then go on to successful careers in industry, governmental service, academia, law, or other areas.