Excellence through Diversity at UW-Madison BTP

The BTP promotes excellence through diversity and so encourages all qualified individuals to apply for graduate studies in the departments and programs of their interest. UW-Madison as a whole is committed to providing reasonable accommodations that enable employees, students, and visitors to access campus programs, activities, and facilities under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Full UW-Madison policies on disability accommodation and affirmative action compliance can be viewed at www.oed.wisc.edu/disability/ and http://www.oed.wisc.edu/compliance.htm. These policies are intrinsic to all BTP recruiting and retention efforts.

The BTP will honor requests for reasonable accommodations made by individuals with disabilities who wish to visit our campus. Please contact the BTP Coordinator, 608-265-2281, at least one week in advance for assistance. BTP has access to excellent campus resources developed to support and retain individuals with disabilities. Departments have an Access and Accommodation Resource Coordinator (AARC) to help faculty, staff, and students address issues of access and accommodation. These coordinator positions were created by the UW-Madison's Faculty Senate action of 2 May 1994.

The following persons are AARCs in BTP's major contributing departments:

  • Bacteriology: Ms. Staci Francis, the Department Administrator with over ten years of experience with BTP
  • Biochemistry: Prof. Michael Cox, a BTP trainer
  • Biomedical Engineering: Prof. M. Elizabeth Meyerand, a BTP trainer
  • Chemical & Biological Engineering: Mr. Eric Codner, Undergraduate Lab Director
  • Chemistry: Ms. Jeanne Hamers, Undergraduate Chemistry Coordinator

It is often said that the University of Wisconsin-Madison has “low walls,” meaning an atmosphere that encourages faculty and students to seek collaborators, share specialized facilities, and explore new research opportunities. The BTP is a full contributor to this atmosphere, extending a hospitable welcome to all of our nominees and trainees through our recruiting and retention efforts.

Trainee HighlightSara Montanez-Sauri, PhD (2014), Materials Science
Dr. Montanez-Sauri has published five papers (two as first author) as a result of her PhD research and her BTP internship and extended collaboration with Promega, where she worked on development and testing of the commercializability of her method for 3- dimensional culture of cells.  Dr. Montanez-Sauri now works for Platypus Technologies in Madison WI, which is a biotechnology company founded by BTP trainer Prof. Nick Abbott, who is also a collaborator with joint publications with Dr. Montanez-Sauri.

UW-Madison is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer. We promote excellence through diversity and encourage all qualified individuals to apply for graduate studies in the departments and programs of their interest.