BTP participants win award for new proteomics-based approach to colon cancer diagnosis

Former BTP trainee Dr. Melanie Ivancic (Ph.D. 2013) and her BTP trainer Dr. Michael R. Sussman were recently honored with a Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF) Innovation Award (October 14, 2015). This award is for their work on developing a proteomics-based method to detect colon cancer in blood draw samples as a substitute for colonoscopy. Dr. Ivancic and another former BTP trainee, Dr. Ed Huttlin (Ph.D. 2009), developed the mass-spectral approaches used in the new cancer test, which is now in clinical trials. Dr. Ivancic also identified a suite of potential biomarkers as part of her thesis dissertation (Ivancic, M. M., Huttlin, E. L., Chen, X., Pleiman, J. K., Irving, A. A., Hegeman, A. D., Dove, W. F., and Sussman, M. R. (2013) Candidate serum biomarkers for early intestinal cancer using 15N metabolic labeling and quantitative proteomics in the ApcMin/+ mouse, J Proteome Res 12, 4152-4166. Intellectual property coming from BTP trainees involved is being patented by WARF.

Read the WARF News Release here.