Jannell V Bazurto

Jannell V. Bazurto

Degree Program: Microbiology
Faculty Supervisor: Diana M. Downs
Phone: (608) 263-3875
Email: bazurto@wisc.edu



Current Research

The complex metabolic network of an organism is comprised of all the integrated biochemical pathways and processes that occur in the organism. In the Downs lab, the metabolic network, surrounding thiamine (vitamin B1) biosynthesis, of the gram-negative bacteria Salmonella enterica is probed by monitoring the system as a whole (i.e., the whole cell) thus preserving the native context of the system.

The conservation of metabolic components in various organisms is often indicative of an analogous pathway, however, dismembering a metabolic network into a series of biochemical pathways can distort it by overlooking essential points of connectivity and neglecting minor but significant, physiologically relevant activities. Important contributions include non-enzymatic reactions, side reactions and differing catalytic efficiencies which may lead to flux variations.

My thesis research will address the hypothesis that the conservation of metabolic components does not predict the conservation of a metabolic network. In order to address this hypothesis I will: (a) use a heterologous pathway to probe the integration of thiamine synthesis with general metabolism, and (b) evaluate the metabolic network surrounding thiamine biosynthesis in three model organisms (S. enterica, Escherichia coli, Bacillus subtilis) with conserved components.


Bazurto JV and Downs DM. Plasticity in the purine–thiamine metabolic network of Salmonella. Genetics 2011, 187:623-631.

Bazurto JV and Downs DM. Crosstalk. Encyclopedia of Genetics 2011, submitted.

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