Reinier Hernandez 

Reinier Hernandez

Degree Program: Medical Physics
Faculty Supervisor: undecided
Phone: (305) 321-9806


Current Research

Molecular imaging is an emergent field which promises an improvement in cancer diagnostics and treatment. The goal of our lab is to devise new molecular imaging probes that can target different structures or processes related to cancer diseases. My prospective research will be focused on the utilization of novel radioisotopes and/or fluorescent dyes to create imaging agents such as labeled peptides, antibodies, and nanoparticles that could be visualized by Positron Emission Tomography (PET), Near Infrared Fluorescence (NIRF), or the combination of the two. The targeting characteristics of the probe will be assessed in vitro and in vivo using murine and human tumor models in mice.


Hernandez R, Hong H, Cai W. Multimodal imaging: chemistry of small molecule agents. In The Chemistry of Molecular Imaging, edited by Nicholas J. Long and Wing-Tak Wong. Wiley, 2012 (Book Chapter), in press.

Pant P, Hernandez R, and Lagos L. Formation and characterization of iron-phosphate precipitates: relevance to the groundwater remediation at DOE-Hanford Site. Accepted for presentation at Waste Management Conference (WM2011). Arizona (USA), February 27-March 3, 2011 (technical paper presentation) link to abstract

Hernández R, et. al. Interaction of proteins with non-ionic surfactants in pharmaceutical formulations. Biotechnology Havana 2007, Havana, Cuba 2007 (short communication).

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