Christina M. Lewis

Christina M. Lewis

Degree Program: Medical Physics
Faculty Supervisor: M. Beth Meyerand
Phone: (507) 696-0959

Current Research

I have just joined a study that aims to characterize and understand brain development in children with epilepsy. Two important aspects of brain development, function and structure, can be examined using brain-imaging methods such as fMRI, DTI, and structural scans. Subjects participate in these scans (in addition to neuropsychological assessments) immediately after diagnosis and at two additional time points, two and six years after diagnosis.

Specifically, I will be working to classify and quantify morphometric features using structural MRI scans. These features include the curvature and thickness of the cortical surface. I aim to determine the differences in these morphological characteristics between epilepsy patients and controls, as well as characterize the prospective changes in epilepsy patients.

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Biochemistry Department
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Brian Fox, Director