Joseph D. Moore 

Joseph D. Moore

Degree Program: Chemistry
Faculty Supervisor: Helen Blackwell
Phone: (608) 263-2836


Current Research

I plan to develop a novel chemical approach to targeting multiple signaling proteins involved in quorum sensing (QS). In QS, bacteria produce, release, and respond to signaling molecules in a cell density-dependent manner. As the population of bacteria increases, so do the concentrations of dispersed QS signals until they reach a threshold at which gene expression is altered. These changes manifest themselves in many ways including the production of toxic virulence factors and the formation of biofilms that act as an effective shield to antibiotics. Since an estimated 80% of bacterial infections in humans are in the biofilm state, great strides would be made in the treatment of disease by stemming this behavior.

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Biochemistry Department
433 Babcock Drive
Madison, WI 53706-1544

Brian Fox, Director