J. Zachary Oshlag 

J. Zachary Oshlag

Degree Program: Civil and Environmental Engineering
Faculty Supervisor: Dan R. Noguera and Tim J. Donohue
Phone: (585) 703-6320
Email: oshlag@wisc.edu


Current Research

I am currently examining the potential of two purple non-sulfur bacteria, Rhodopseudomonas palustris and Rhodomicrobium vannielii, to metabolize various hydroxylated and methoxylated aromatic compounds photoheterotrophically through various directed evolution and genetic engineering techniques. This work is being supervised by Professor Dan Noguera in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department and Professor Timothy Donohue in the Bacteriology Department, both at UW-Madison. The focus of the laboratory is identifying, examining, and engineering microbial metabolic and regulatory processes critical to bioenergy production. The laboratory in which I work is part of the Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center, which was established and is funded by the United States Department of Energy.


Tomasi TB, Magner WJ, Wiesen JL, Oshlag JZ, Cao F, Ponitkos AN, Gregorie, CJ. (2010) MHC class II regulation by epigenetic agents and microRNA. Immunol Res 46(1-3):45-58.

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Biochemistry Department
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