Mary C. Regier

Mary C. Regier

Degree Program: Biomedical Engineering
Faculty Supervisor: Undecided
Phone: (608) 262-3040





Current Research

Cells are exposed to combinations of numerous physical and chemical cues both in vivo and in vitro. Yet relatively little is known about the process of cellular decision making in response to these complex stimuli. The goal of my research project is to characterize the response of keratinocytes to growth factor presentation, both soluble and immobilized, and substrate mechanics separately and in combination, and to use this data to generate a predictive model. Migration, intracellular signaling, and proliferation data will be collected and used to generate a partial least squares regression model to relate extracellular cues to cellular behavior. This model will provide a greater understanding of complex relationships across thousands of data points as well as a tool to predict functional outcome in untested treatment conditions. This work will aid in the improvement of dermal wound healing and will increase our understanding of the cellular decision making process.



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Biochemistry Department
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Brian Fox, Director