BTP Trainee Seminar

BTP trainees participate in a weekly biotechnology seminar in which they present one seminar annually. These seminars expose students to new research advances (both within and outside their areas of expertise), facilitate interaction among BTP trainees and other scientists, and promote understanding and communication about research problems across a variety of disciplines. In addition to trainee research presentations, the seminar series includes talks by prominent industry researchers and an NIH-required research ethics education component. The seminar series is widely publicized on campus, and frequently draws an audience from many scientific disciplines.

The BTP seminar meets on Wednesdays at 3:30pm in Room 175 HF DeLuca Biochemistry Labs (433 Babcock Drive) and concludes by 4:15pm. 

Spring 2017 BTP Seminar Schedule





Feb 8 Kelsey Veldkamp Bile acids and the gut microbiome Microbiology (Amador-Noguez, Rey labs)
Feb 15 Leah Schaffer Constructing Proteoform Families in Top-Down Proteomic Data Chemistry (L. Smith lab)
Feb 22 Lindsay Bodart Multi-Modality Imaging for Structural Heart Interventions using Echocardiography and X-ray Fluoroscopy Medical Physics (Speidel lab)
Mar 2
BTP Winter Banquet and Poster Session, Union South, Varsity Hall, 5:00pm

Mar 8 Andrew Maule Integrating Breeding Techniques and New Science to Enhance the West African Cereal Fonio (Digitaria exilis)
Plant Breeding and Plant Genetics (Patterson lab)
Mar 15 Gary Wilson Improved methods for studying the plasma proteome and the kinetics of protein turnover Chemistry (Coon)
Mar 22
Spring Break
Mar 29 Jacqueline Mejia A PhD Trilogy: Science in Academia, National Labs and Industry Environmental Chemistry and Technology (Ginder-Vogel lab)
Apr 5 Alexander Justen The mycobacterial galactan: a model polysaccharide for studying glycosyltransferase length control Integrated Program in Biochemistry (Kiessling lab)
Apr 12 Megan Dowdle Determining how Bicaudal-C binds its mRNA targets Integrated Program in Biochemistry (Sheets lab)
Apr 19 Dylan Plaskon Investigating DNA sequences as an allosteric regulator of NalC ligand specificity Integrated Program in Biochemistry (Raman lab)
Apr 26 Alberto Guerra Encapsulation of cells, drugs, and peptides in poly(ethylene glycol) and gelatin-based composite hydrogels for inoculated wound healing, hepatocellular carcinoma, and X-linked hypophosphatemia
Pharmaceutical Sciences (Kao lab)
May 3 Edrees Rashan Characterization of the putative mitochondrial phosphatase YKR070W
Integrated Program in Biochemistry (Pagliarini lab)

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