BTP Trainee Seminar

BTP trainees participate in a weekly biotechnology seminar in which they present one seminar annually. These seminars expose students to new research advances (both within and outside their areas of expertise), facilitate interaction among BTP trainees and other scientists, and promote understanding and communication about research problems across a variety of disciplines. In addition to trainee research presentations, the seminar series includes talks by prominent industry researchers and an NIH-required research ethics education component. The seminar series is widely publicized on campus, and frequently draws an audience from many scientific disciplines.

The BTP seminar meets on Wednesdays at 3:30pm in Room 175 HF DeLuca Biochemistry Labs (433 Babcock Drive) and concludes by 4:15pm. 

Fall 2017 BTP Seminar Schedule





Sept. 20 Megan Dowdle Using CRISPR to Analyze Protein Degradation: My Summer at Promega  Integrated Program in Biochemistry (Sheets Lab)
Sept. 27 Rebecca Majewski Research and Development Internship at Promega: In vitro assay development for the evaluation of oncology antibodies Biomedical Engineering (Masters and Kreeger Labs)
Oct. 4 Evan Glasgow BTP Internship at Apeel Sciences Integrated Program in Biochemistry (Fox Lab)
Oct. 11 Nate Kuch Developing Tools to Probe Glycoside Hydrolase Activity Integrated Program in Biochemistry (Fox Lab)
Oct. 18 Andrew Maule Unraveling the Genetic Basis of Variation in Cranberry Chemistry - Steps Towards Assessing and Improving an American Fruit Plant Breeding and Plant Genetics (Zalapa lab)
Oct. 25 Angie Xie TBA Biomedical Engineering (Murphy Lab)
Nov. 1 Matthew Styles TBA Chemistry (Blackwell Lab)
Nov. 8 Taylor Cook TBA Chemical and Biological Engineering (Pfleger Lab)
Nov. 15 Katie Mueller TBA Cellular and Molecular Biology (Saha Lab)
Nov. 22
Day before Thanksgiving, NO CLASS
Nov. 29 Gary Wilson Broadly characterizing post-translational modifications with MS-based proteomics
Chemistry (Coon Lab)
Dec. 6 Leah Schaffer TBA Chemistry (Smith Lab)
Dec. 13 Andrew Khalil TBA Biomedical Engineering (Murphy Lab)

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