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BTP Trainee Alumni Directory







Agnew, Daniel E. Chemical and Biological Engineering Pfleger Patent Agent, Roche NimbleGen, Inc.  
Andrew, Amy J. Biomolecular Chemistry Craig Quality Analyst, Merck PubMed
Angevine, Christine M. Biomolecular Chemistry Fillingame Cooking Consultant, Community-Supported Agriculture, Shared Legacy Farms PubMed
Aranda, IV, Roman Biomolecular Chemistry Phillips Research Physical Scientist and Forensic Science Officer, Office of the Chief Scientist in the Defense Forensic Science Center, A-T Solutions PubMed
Arthur, Terrance M. Bacteriology Burgess Research Microbiologist, USDA MARC-Nebraska PubMed
Aukema, Kelly G (Gardener) Biomolecular Chemistry Fox, C. Research Associate, Biotechnology Institute, University of Minnesota PubMed
Bairstow, Shawn F. Biomolecular Chemistry Anderson Senior Research Scientist, Baxter International Inc., and Affiliate Assistant Professor of Molecular Pharmacology and Therapeutics, Loyola University Chicago PubMed
Barrantes Aurand, Monica M. Biomedical Engineering Vanderby Lead Product Verification Engineer, Jabil  
Barrows, Seth R. Biochemistry Raines Executive Vice President, Empire Natural Gas Corporation PubMed
Bazurto, Jannell V. Microbiology Doctoral Training Program Downs Postdoctoral Researcher, Biological Sciences, University of Idaho  
Behrens, Heidi L. Chemistry Li Associate Faculty, Chemistry, Saddleback College PubMed
Berggren, W. Travis Chemistry Smith Senior Director of Scientific Core Facilities, Salk Institute PubMed
Bessetti, Joseph G. Bacteriology Allen-Hoffman Senior Automation Scientist, Integrated Solutions & Engineering, Promega Corporation PubMed
Blehert, David S. Bacteriology Chambliss Diagnostic Microbiologist, USGS National Wildlife Health Center PubMed
Blommel, Paul G. Biophysics Fox, B. Principal Consultant, Oil & Energy, Dabeeza LLC PubMed
Bondy Carbrello, Christina M. Chemical and Biological Engineering Root / Lightfoot Senior Scientist, EMD Millipore Corporation PubMed
Brake, Jeffrey M. Chemical and Biological Engineering Abbott Associate, W.L. Gore and Associates PubMed
Brumbaugh, Justin J. Integrated Program in Biochemistry Coon Research Fellow, Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School  
Bugni, James M. Cellular and Molecular Biology Drinkwater Research Scientist, UCLA Department of Medicine PubMed
Burrows, Mary E. (Lee) Plant Pathology Grau Associate Professor of Plant Sciences and Plant Pathology, Montana State University Website
Burton, Emily O. Molecular and Environmental Toxicology Hickey Lower-Elementary Teacher, Ridgeline Montessori Public Charter School PubMed
Calabria, Anthony R. Chemical and Biological Engineering Shusta Technical Leader, DuPont Industrial Biosciences  
Carlisle, Justin C. Chemistry Smith Unknown PubMed
Carlson, Erin E.
Chemistry Kiessling Associate Professor of Chemistry, University of Minnesota PubMed
Carney, Sara A. Molecular and Environmental Toxicology Peterson Principal Toxicologist, Kimberly-Clark PubMed
Carver, Kristopher C. Cellular and Molecular Biology Schuler Principal Financial Analyst, Boston Scientific PubMed
Chang, Richard W. Computer Sciences Page Research and Development Scientist, Abbott Laboratories
Chesney, Michael A. Biochemistry Kimble Scientist II, Illumina PubMed
Conrad, Paul B. Chemical and Biological Engineering De Pablo Director of Alliance Management, AMAG Pharmaceuticals
Copeland, Matthew F. Biochemistry Weibel Scientist, Life Sciences Transformative Platform Technology, Proctor & Gamble  
Cox, Julia M. Biochemistry Cox Patent Agent, Michael Best and Friedrich, LLP PubMed
Coyle, Ian P. Cellular and Molecular Biology Ganetzky Patent Agent, IP Coyle Intellectual Property Agency PubMed
Crosby, Heidi A.
Microbiology Escalante-Semerena Postdoctoral Research, University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine PubMed
Dam, Phuongan Cellular and Molecular Biology Bertics Research Scientist II, Wallace H. Coulter Dept. of Biomedical Engineering, Georgia Tech PubMed
Daugherty, David L. Chemistry Gellman Visiting Faculty, Miami University PubMed
Davies, Douglas R. Biochemistry Rayment Senior Manager, Structural Biology, Beryllium PubMed
Davis, Julie E. Cellular and Molecular Biology Craig Postdoctoral Fellow, Virginia Tech
Del Valle-Echevarria, Angel R. Plant Breeding and Plant Genetics Havey Senior Scientist and Laboratory Manager, University of Hawaii at Manoa  
DeMaster, Andrew A. Medical Microbiology and Immunology Bangs Intellectual Property Counsel, Valspar PubMed
Dittenhafer-Reed, Kristin E. Integrated Program in Biochemistry Denu Assistant Professor of Biochemistry, Hope College  
Dittli, Sannali (Matheson)  Chemistry Markley Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Snow College PubMed
Dominguez, Nadia M. Microbiology Dillard Owner and Educator, e2studio PubMed
Dougherty, Michael J. Microbiology Downs Project Scientist, Wyle NASA Ames Research Center PubMed
Dunn, Anne K. Bacteriology Handelsman Assistant Professor of Botany and Microbiology, University of Oklahoma Website
Dykhuizen, Emily C.
Chemistry Kiessling Assistant Professor of Medicinal Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology, Purdue University PubMed
Eisenmann, Helene C. Cellular and Molecular Biology Craig Associate Professor of Biology, Baruch College SUNY PubMed
Evans, Tara N. Biomolecular Chemistry Craig Unknown PubMed
Farsetta, Diane L. Cellular and Molecular Biology Nibert Executive Director, Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice PubMed
Felnagle Nover, Elizabeth A. Microbiology Thomas Sole Proprietor and Editor, Razor Sharp Editing PubMed
Fenske, MD, Timothy S. Cellular and Molecular Biology Farnham Associate Professor of Medicine, Medical College of Wisconsin PubMed
Fritz, Brian R. Biomolecular Chemistry Sheets Senior Field Applications Scientist, Illumina
Flemming, Roderick G. Animal Health and Biomedical Sciences Cooper Scientist, Promega Corporation PubMed
Flowers, Jason J. Civil and Environmental Engineering McMahon Project Engineer, Geosyntec Consultants  
Fuchs, Stephen M. Biochemistry Raines Assistant Professor of Biology, Tufts University PubMed
Garrity, Jane Microbiology Escalante-Semerena Associate Director of Licensing, University of Iowa PubMed
Gestwicki, Jason E. Biochemistry Kiessling Associate Professor, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, University of California - San Francisco PubMed
Giel, Jennifer L. Biomolecular Chemistry Kiley Medical writer and owner, Sterling Biomedical Communications, LLC  
Gill, Erin M. Biomedical Engineering Ramanujanm Administrative Director of MRSEC, University of Wisconsin-Madison PubMed
Gonzalez, Enid T. Microbiology Allen Associate Professor of Biological Sciences, California State University-Sacramento PubMed
Good, David M. Chemistry Coon Staff Scientist, Covance PubMed
Gordon, Eva J. Chemistry Kiessling Journalist, ACS Chemical Biology PubMed
Graveel, Carrie R. Cellular and Molecular Biology Farnham Research Assistant Professor and Senior Research Scientist, Center for Cancer and Cell Biology, Van Andel Research Institute PubMed
Green, Roland D. Molecular and Environmental Toxicology Sussman President , Invenra PubMed
Griffith, Byron R. Chemistry Kiessling Principal Scientist, Biopharmaceutical Process and Product Development, Novartis PubMed
Gruber, Todd D. Biochemistry Kiessling Assistant Professor, Molecular Biology and Chemistry, Christopher Newport University PubMed
Grys, Thomas E. Microbiology Welch Director of Microbiology, Mayo Clinic in Arizona PubMed
Gutierrez, Alonso N. Medical Physics Mackie Associate Professor, Radiology and Radiation Oncology, University of Texas Health Science Center-San Antonio PubMed
Guvener, Zehra T. Bacteriology Chambliss Assistant Project Scientist, University of California-Santa Cruz PubMed
Haas, David H. Chemical and Biological Engineering Murphy Associate Director, Manufacturing Sciences and Technology Laboratory, Genzyme
Halbleib, Cale M. Biochemistry Ludden Associate Director-Biopharmaceutical Development, KBI Biopharma PubMed
Hanley, Erik Electrical Engineering Shohet Senior Electrical Engineer, Invisible Connect LLC  
Harwood, Jessica (Hankinson) Botany Fernandez Professor of Biology and Environmental Science, Spartanburg Methodist College Website
Henze Bancroft, Leah C. Biomedical Engineering Block Postdoctoral Research Associate, Medical Physics, University of Wisconsin-Madison  
Herring, Christopher D. Microbiology Blattner Consulting Scientist, Enchi Corporation, and Industrial Research Fellow, Dartmouth College PubMed
Himelblau, Ed Cellular and Molecular Biology Amasino Associate Professor of Biological Sciences, CalPoly PubMed
Hinckley, Glen T. Biochemistry Frey Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Farmingdale State College PubMed
Holt, Jonathan F.
Microbiology Handelsman Visiting Assistant Professor, Biology, Claremont McKenna College
Horswill, Alex R. Bacteriology Escalante-Semerena Associate Professor of Microbiology, University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics PubMed
Howe, Eleanor A. Cellular and Molecular Biology
Palmenberg Computational Biologist and Data Scientist, Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard PubMed
Huang, Elise Chemical and Biological Engineering Abbott / Palecek Bioprocess Engineer, Merrimack Pharmaceuticals
Huck, Emilie A. (Porter) Chemistry Gellman Patent Agent, Wolf Greenfield PubMed
Huttlin, Edward L. Biochemistry Sussman Instructor, Cell Biology, Harvard Medical School PubMed
Ivancic, Melanie M. Biochemistry Sussman Postdoctoral Trainee, Dept. of Oncology, University of Wisconsin-Madison  
Jacobson, Kurt H. Civil and Environmental Engineering Pedersen Postdoctoral Research Associate, Environmental Systems Science, ETH Zürich  
Johnson, Randal J. Biochemistry Raines Associate Professor, Chemistry, Butler University  
Kersteen Mulligan, Elizabeth A. Biochemistry Raines Director of Product Development, Luminex Corporation PubMed
Koepsel, Justin T.
Biomedical Engineering Murphy Biomedical Engineer, Stratatech Corporation PubMed
Kontur, Wayne S. Chemistry Record Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Dept. of Bacteriology, University of Wisconsin-Madison PubMed
Kraemer, Brian C. Biochemistry Wickens Assistant Professor, University of Washington PubMed
Krol, Michael A. Cellular and Molecular Biology Ahlquist Patent Attorney, Husch Blackwell Sanders, Welsh, and Katz PubMed
Krummel, Geoffrey Chemistry Smith Senior District Sales Manager, Southeast, Illumina, Inc. PubMed
Krusemark, Casey J. Biochemistry Belshaw Assistant Professor of Medicinal Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology, Purdue University  
Kumfer, Kraig T. Cellular and Molecular Biology White Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine, University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health PubMed
Kwan, Sharon S. Biomolecular Chemistry Brow Corporate Development Specialist, Thermo Fisher Scientific PubMed
Lam, Vy Chemical and Biological Engineering Yin AAAS Fellow, Bureau for Democracy, Conflict and Humanitarian Assistance / Center for Excellence on Democracy, Human Rights and Governance, United States Agency for International Development (USAID) PubMed
Lavis, Luke D. Chemistry Raines Group Leader, Janelia Research Campus, Howard Hughes Medical Institute  
Lebakken, Connie S. Cellular and Molecular Biology Rapraeger Chief Operating Officer, Stem Pharm, Inc.  
Lehti-Shiu, Melissa D. Botany Fernandez Assistant Professor of Plant Biology, Michigan State University PubMed
Lennon, Christopher W. Cellular and Molecular Biology Gourse Postdoctoral Researcher, Biology, State University of New York at Albany PubMed
Lessard, Louie P. Chemical and Biological Engineering Hill Scientist, Novozymes PubMed
LiGreci-Newton, Lisamarie V. Bacteriology Hickey Special Student, Computer Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison  
Liliensiek, Sara J. Pathology Allen-Hoffmann Sales Representative - PBISegment, VWR PubMed
Lindsay, Stephen M. Chemical and Biological Engineering Yin Research Scientist, Kimberly-Clark PubMed
Lopez, Rebecca Microbiology Paulnock Postdoctoral Fellow in Hematology, National Institutes of Health PubMed
Losaw, Jennifer L. Mathematics Mitchell Technical Services, Epic
Maggio-Hall, Lori A. Bacteriology Escalante-Semerena Scientist, DuPont Central Research and Development PubMed
Mahood-Dube, Jessica L. Microbiology Proctor Nurse Practitioner, Psychiatry, Advocate Dreyer Healthcare
Malone, Thomas E. Molecular and Environmental Toxicology Fox, B. Vice President of Research and Discovery, Hygeia Industries PubMed
Marcheschi, Ryan J. Biochemistry Butcher Adjunct Faculty, Biology and Biochemistry, University of Maryland, Montgomery College, and Northern Virginia Community College PubMed
McAlister, Graeme C. Chemistry Coon Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard Medical School PubMed
McCoy, Chloe M. Biomedical Engineering Masters Postdoctoral Fellow, Medical Scientist Training Program, University of Wisconsin-Madison PubMed
Metallo, Christian M. Chemical and Biological Engineering De Pablo / Palecek Assistant Professor of Bioengineering, University of California-San Diego Jacobs School of Engineering PubMed
Meyer, Lorraine S. Microbiology Doctoral Training Program Forest Stay-at-home parent  
Middleton, Jason K. Chemical and Biological Engineering Yin Program Manager/Principle Investigator, Battelle PubMed
Miller, David M. Chemistry Blackwell Resident Physician, Radiology, University of Michigan Health System PubMed
Mitchell, Kevin H. Biochemistry Fox, B. Assistant Professor of Natural Science, Northern Essex Community College PubMed
Mohr, Jeffrey C. Chemical and Biological Engineering De Pablo / Palecek Director, Strategy$ (formerly Booz and Company) PubMed
Molla, Michael N. Computer Sciences Shavlik Consultant, Mitobridge, Inc.  
Montanez-Sauri, Sara I. Materials Science and Engineering Beebe Associate Research Scientist, PPD PubMed
Mooney, Rachel A. Microbiology Gourse Scientist, Dept. of Biochemistry, University of Wisconsin-Madison PubMed
Murray, Justin K. Chemistry Gellman Senior Scientist, Research and Discovery of Peptide Therapeutics, Amgen PubMed
Myers, Kevin S. Microbiology Doctoral Training Program Kiley Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Department of Genetics, University of Wisconsin-Madison  
Naumann, Todd A. Biochemistry Reznikoff Scientist Mycotoxin Research Unit, USDA/ARS/NCAUR PubMed
Nelms, Benjamin E. Medical Physics Gould President, Canis Lupus LLC PubMed
Nelson, Clark J. Biochemistry Sussman Postdoctoral Research Associate, Plant Energy Biology, University of Western Australia  
Newman, Jack D. Bacteriology Donohue Founding Member, Amyris Biotechnologies, Inc. PubMed
Newton, Ryan J. Microbiology McMahon Assistant Professor, School of Freshwater Sciences, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee PubMed
Nguyen, Eric H. Biomedical Engineering Murphy Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Wisconsin-Madison Dept. of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences (Sheibani Lab) PubMed
Nyflot, Matthew J. Medical Physics Jeraj Medical Physicist and Assistant Professor, Departments of Radiation Oncology and Radiology, University of Washington School of Medicine  
Oakes, Elizabeth S. (Courtenay) Bacteriology Record Professor of Chemistry, Wellesley College PubMed
Ong, Irene M. Computer Sciences Page Associate Scientist, Imaging Services, Dept. of Radiology, University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health PubMed
Peterson, S. Brook Microbiology Handelsman Research Scientist, Microbiology, University of Washington - Seattle PubMed
Pfeiffer, Zachary A. Biomolecular Chemistry Bertics Principal R&D Scientist, Abbott Laboratories  
Pietropaolo, Robin L. Medical Microbiology and Immunology
Co-Director MicroArray, New York State Department of Health PubMed
Pietz, Bradley C. Bacteriology Burgess Director of Product Development Lab, Blood Center of SE Wisconsin PubMed
Podsiadlo, A. Paul Chemical and Biological Engineering Nealey Research Associate, Catalyst Manufacturing, ExxonMobil  
Porter, Douglas F. Integrated Program in Biochemistry Kimble, Wickens Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Program in Epithelial Biology, Stanford University PubMed
Prahl, Kristine M. Biochemistry Jeffries Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences, University of Wisconsin - Marathon County PubMed
Raines, Steven V. Chemistry Havey Owner and Educator, Raines and Sun Hilltop Farm PubMed
Regan, John M. Civil and Environmental Engineering Noguera Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, The Pennsylvania State University PubMed
Regier, Mary Biomedical Engineering Masters / Kreeger Postdoctoral Fellow, Stevens Lab, University of Washington PubMed
Reslewic, Susan Chemistry Schwartz Designer and Content Creator, Host Science with Sue PubMed
Richardson, Brooke E. Chemistry Gellman Financial Specialist Senior, Engineering Physics, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Robinson, Courtney J. Microbiology Handelsman Assistant Professor, Department of Biology, Howard University PubMed
Roy, Darryl S. Computer Sciences Shavlik Unknown
Rutkoski, Thomas J. Biochemistry Raines Senior Scientist, Janssen BioTherapeutics, Janssen R&D  
Scalf, Mark A. Chemistry Smith Assistant Scientist, University of Wisconsin - Madison PubMed
Schmerberg, Claire M. Pharmaceutical Sciences Li Scientist, Catalent Pharma Solutions PubMed
Selzer, Rebecca R. Molecular and Environmental Toxicology Elfarra Vice President of Product Development, Roche-NimbleGen, Inc. PubMed
Sever, Nancy (Ekdawi) Chemical and Biological Engineering De Pablo Associate Director, AbbVie PubMed
Shaw, Anita J. Chemical and Biological Engineering Cameron Director Project Leadership, Merck and Co., Inc. PubMed
Simon, Brook P. Cellular and Molecular Biology Malter Head of Hospital Laboratory, Colorado PubMed
Smanski, Michael J. Microbiology Doctoral Training Program Shen Assistant Professor, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, and Biophysics, University of Minnesota  
Smith, Brian C. Chemistry Denu Assistant Professor, Biochemistry and Redox Biology, Medical College of Wisconsin PubMed
Smith, Bryan D. Biochemistry Raines Senior Director of Biology, Deciphera Pharmaceuticals PubMed
Soltero-Higgin, Michelle L. Biochemistry Kiessling Program Manager, PharmaDirections PubMed
Sommer, Julie A. Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology Bertics Patent Manager, Intercell AG PubMed
Sorokin, Elena P. Cellular and Molecular Biology Kimble Postdoctoral Researcher, Bustamante Lab, Stanford University PubMed
Staudt, Mark W. Biomolecular Chemistry Hull Licensing Associate, Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation PubMed
Stoia Parker, Catherine R. Chemical and Biological Engineering De Pablo Physician, Hospital Services, Newton-Wellesley Hospital
Suthers, Patrick F. Chemical and Biological Engineering Yin Online Stock Trader PubMed
Svarovsky, Michael J. Chemical and Biological Engineering Palecek Program Director, Corporate Relations, University of Notre Dame PubMed
Tavano Bartel, Christine L. Microbiology Donohue Independent Consultant, Science! PubMed
Thorgersen, Michael P. Microbiology Downs Postdoctoral Researcher, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, University of Georgia-Athens PubMed
Tingey, Matthew L. Chemical and Biological Engineering Abbott Lithography Area Manager, Intel Corporation  
Tobelmann, Mathew D. Chemical and Biological Engineering Murphy Engagement Manager, McKinsey & Company PubMed
Toops, Kimberly A. Biomolecular Chemistry Nickells Account Manager - Academic Sales, Biological/Material Sciences, ZEISS Microscopy LLC  
Triggs, Veronica P. Biomolecular Chemistry Bangs Employed, Epic Systems PubMed
Vangeloff, Abbey D. Biochemistry Landick Project Manager, Yahara Software PubMed
Varvel, Virgil E. Biomolecular Chemistry Dahlberg Research Analyst, Center for Informatics Research in Science and Scholarship PubMed
Viera, Clarivel

Voigt, Emily Chemical and Biological Engineering Yin Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Wisconsin,-,Madison PubMed
Voisine, Cindy Biomolecular Chemistry Craig Postdoctoral Fellow, Northwestern University PubMed
Walters, Robert H. Chemical and Biological Engineering Murphy, R. Principal Scientist, Pfizer  
Wassenberg, James J. Biochemistry Dahlberg Product Development Manager, Diasorin PubMed
Weitzel, Maggie A. Pathology Allen-Hoffmann Environmental Scientist, Gwin, Dobson, and Foreman, Inc.
White, Robert D. Biochemistry Fox, B. Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Virginia State University
Williamson, Tracy P. Pharmacology Johnson Formulation Scientist II, Patheon PubMed
Windsor, Ian W. Biochemistry Raines Graduate Student, Dept. of Chemistry, MIT PubMed
Witt, Suzanne T. Medical Physics Meyerand Postdoctoral Fellow, Olin Neuropsychiatry Research Center PubMed
Yuroff, Alice Molecular and Environmental Toxicology Hickey
Regional Research Coordinator, Wisconsin Research and Education Network, University of Wisconsin - Madison PubMed
Zornetzer, Gregory A. Biochemistry Markley Scientist II, Peptide Development, Plant Health Care, Inc. PubMed