BTP Industry Supporters

See All BTP Industry SupportersEach trainee will receive BTP support to complete an internship, normally during the third year of doctoral training. Internships should be planned with industrial sponsors. This experience fosters an understanding and appreciation of the complex problems being addressed by the biotechnology industry. It also provides additional research opportunities and first-hand experience in interdisciplinary problem solving. Internships may be arranged locally or anywhere across the nation. Several internships have been performed overseas in Australia, the Netherlands, Germany, Finland, Switzerland, and Denmark.

The minimum commitment is expected to be eleven to twelve weeks, but internships may be longer. Students are encouraged to complete their internship while receiving BTP support, typically sometime in the second year of support. Students are encouraged to perform their internship early in their traineeship support. Trainees often consider many factors in selecting an internship, such as research in areas of interest to the trainee, thesis, work, opportunities for later employment, geographic location, unique research facilities, or preeminent staff, level of remuneration, or other considerations. In most years, about ten trainees will be seeking an internship.

Trainees may receive some sort of financial assistance from the company to cover differences in cost-of-living or other adjustments.

Interactions with Industry Representatives

The BTP office keeps information on file to assist the trainees in finding and selecting an internship, and welcomes additional information from our industrial partners. Emails describing potential internship projects can be sent to the BTP office for distribution to program trainees at any time of year. Previous industry internship supervisors have often commented on the high level of performance by BTP trainers, and seek BTP trainees for future internships and consideration for future employment. The BTP looks forward to hearing from you.

Seminar Speakers from Industry

Researchers from industry are an important part of the student seminar series. Sometimes during the year, researchers come to campus to present a scientific lecture to BTP trainees. Topics generally include basic research being done by the company which may at some point lead to new products, but may be any area with which the speaker and the company are comfortable. Industry speakers often coordinate this visit to campus with meeting with other university researchers, meetings with student groups to promote employment opportunities within the company, interviews with potential interns or employees, or visits to research facilities.