Minor Courses for Physical Science Emphasis Minor

Common Core of Physical Sciences Subdisciplines For All Trainees

Physical-oriented trainees will be expected to receive training in each of the three areas listed below in completing their major degree. Nonphysically-oriented trainees will be expected to take at least one course from each of the three areas in completing their minor degree requirements (10 credits). The minor course plan is developed in conjunction with minor and major professors, and submitted to the BTP Director for review and approval. The courses listed are representative, and others could provide equivalent exposure. BTP trainees are expected to be in attendance at the BTP seminar for all semesters that they are enrolled as a graduate student at UW-Madison. One credit of the BTP seminar may be counted as part of the 10 credits needed for the BTP minor.

Note: Not all of these representative courses fulfill the Graduate School's 50% minimum requirement for graduate-level credits. Trainees should check with their home graduate programs to ensure that they meet this minimum requirement.


Pharmaceutical Sciences 531, "Medicinal Chemistry" (2 cr., Spring)
Chemistry 613, "Chemical Crystallography" (3 cr., Spring)
Chemistry 625, "Separations in Chemical Analysis" (2-3 cr., Fall in even-numbered years)
Biochemistry 625, "Coenzymes and Cofactors in Enzymology" (2 cr., Spring)
Biochemistry/Chemistry 665, "Biophysical Chemistry" (4 cr., Fall and Spring in odd-numbered years)
Oncology 675, "Protein Purification" (2 cr., Fall in odd-numbered years)
Biochemistry/Chemistry 704, "Chemical Biology" (2 cr., Fall)

Chemical Engineering

Chemical and Biological Engineering 470, "Process Dynamics and Control" (3 cr., Fall)
Biomedical Engineering 520, "Stem Cell Bioengineering" (3 cr., Fall)
Chemical and Biological Engineering 750, "Advanced Chemical Process Synthesis and Optimization" (3 cr., Spring)
Chemical and Biological Engineering 770, "Advanced Process Dynamics and Control" (3 cr., Spring in odd-numbered years)
Chemical and Biological Engineering 781, "Molecules, Cells, and Systems" (3 cr., Fall)
Chemical and Biological Engineering 782, "Modeling Biological Systems" (3 cr., Spring in odd-numbered  years)
Chemical and Biological Engineering 783, "Design of Biological Molecules (3 cr., Spring)

Computational Sciences

Computer Science 301, "Introduction to Data Programming" (3 cr., Fall and Spring)
Biomechanical Engineering 462, "Medical Instrumentation" (3 cr., Fall)
Computer Sciences 540, "Introduction to Artificial Intelligence" (3 cr., Fall)
Statistics/Biomedical Informatics 541, "Introduction to Biostatistics" (3 cr., Fall and Summer)
Statistics 571/572, "Statistical Methods for Bioscience" (4 cr. each, Fall and Spring)
Biomedical Informatics/Computer Science 576, "Introduction to Bioinformatics" (3 cr., Fall)
Biomedical Informatics/Computer Science 776, "Advanced Bioinformatics" (3 cr., Spring)


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