Minor Courses for Biological Emphasis Minor

Common Core of Biological Sciences Subdisciplines For All Trainees

Biologically-oriented trainees will be expected to receive training in each of the three areas listed below in completing their major degree. Non-biologically-oriented trainees will be expected to take at least one course from each of the three areas in completing their minor degree requirements (10 credits). The minor course plan is developed in conjunction with minor and major professors, and submitted to the BTP Steering Committee for review and approval. The courses listed are representative, and others could provide equivalent exposure. BTP trainees are expected to be in attendance at the BTP seminar for all semesters that they are enrolled as a graduate student at UW-Madison. One credit of the BTP seminar may be counted as part of the 10 credits needed for the BTP minor.

Note: Not all of these representative courses fulfill the Graduate School's 50% minimum requirement for graduate-level credits. Trainees should check with their home graduate programs to ensure that they meet this minimum requirement.


Genetics 466, "Principles of Genetics" (3 cr., Fall and Spring)
Genetics / Chemistry 626, "Genomic Science" (2 cr., Spring)
Microbiology 607, "Advanced Microbial Genetics" (3 cr., Spring)
Genetics 660, "Comparative and Functional Genomics" (2 cr., Spring of even-numbered years)
Microbiology 875, "Bioinformatics for Microbiologists" (2 cr., Fall)
Genetics 885, "Genomic and Proteomic Analysis" (3 cr., Fall)

Molecular Biology

Microbiology/Biochemistry/Genetics 612, "Prokaryotic Molecular Biology" (3 cr., Fall)
Horticulture/Patho-Bio 500, "Molecular Biology Techniques" (3 cr., Spring)
Biochemistry/Genetics 620, "Eukaryotic Molecular Biology" (3 cr., Spring)
Microbiology/Oncology 640, "General Virology, Multiplication of Viruses" (3 cr., Fall)


Pharmaceutical Sciences 432, "Pharmaceutical Biochemistry" (4 cr., Fall)
Biochemistry 501, "Introduction to Biochemistry" (3 cr., Fall and Spring)
Microbiology 523, "Soil Microbiology and Biochemistry" (3 cr., Spring)
Microbiology 526, "Physiology of Microorganisms" (3 cr., Fall and Spring)
Microbiology/Medical Microbiology and Immunology 528, "Immunology" (3 cr., Fall)
Biomedical Engineering 545, "Engineering Extracellular Matrices" (3 cr., Spring)
Biochemistry 601, "Protein and Enzyme Structure and Function" (2 cr., Fall)
Nutritional Sciences 619, "Intermediary Metabolism of Macronutrients" (3 cr., Spring)
Biochemistry 621, "Plant Biochemistry" (3 cr., Spring of odd-numbered years)
Cell and Regenerative Biology 630, "Proteomics Approaches for Biologists" (2 cr., Fall)
Microbiology 632,"Industrial Microbiology/Biotechnology" (2 cr., Spring of odd-numbered years)
Microbiology/Biomolecular Chemistry 668, "Microbiology at Atomic Resolution"(3 cr., Spring)
Oncology 703, "Carginogenesis and Tumor Cell Biology" (3 cr., Fall)
Biochemistry/Chemistry 704, "Chemical Biology" (2 cr., Fall)





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