Current Research

In search of novel antibiotics, biofilm inhibitors, and anti-fungal agents

I have developed an implementation of the lowest common ancestor algorithm for use in a metagenomic ‘binning’ pipeline developed in the lab to achieve higher resolution binning. The metagenomic pipeline developed in the lab has been utilized to study Bugula simplex, more specifically Endobugula sertula, a marine endosymbiont of Bugula simplex responsible for producing the potent secondary metabolites, bryostatins. Chemical isolation and structure elucidation methods have also been performed on sponges off of the coast of the Florida Keys in search of biofilm inhibitors as potential novel antibiotic leads. Metagenomic and metatranscriptomic analyses have been performed in parallel to chemical isolation and elucidation techniques. Chemical isolation and elucidation methods have also been employed on an Alaskan bacterium showing efficacy towards a phytophtera species known to be a potato pathogen. Further analyses will provide access to characterization of potentially novel anti-fungal compounds to combat the potato plant pathogen.