Career Outcomes

Biotechnology Training Program alumni are highly attractive to employers in biotechnology. Upon successful completion of their graduate studies and BTP requirements, students earn positions in a variety of areas of biotechnology, in a wide range of capacities. These careers span many areas and sectors, such as academia, business, healthcare, law, pharmaceuticals, science writing, and more. Through the BTP program, trainees get numerous opportunities to explore these careers through their internships and interactions with industry professionals in events and seminars. Within the last 15 years, 77 trainees have earned their Ph.D.

Alumni career information

Photo of Joe Moore, BTP alum

“Getting nominated to BTP was the tipping point that convinced me to come to UW-Madison because I knew I had some guaranteed funding that would give me flexibility, and I would learn important skills. I think Dow found it really attractive that I had strong experiences in collaborating across different disciplines but had also done my own work in both biological and chemical systems.” Joe Moore, Ph.D. ’15, Technical Support Specialist at Dow Microbial Control

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