In addition to BTP funding, trainees often receive other fellowship support during their graduate careers. Some of the fellowship funding sources include Wisconsin Distinguished Graduate Fellowships (WDGF), National Science Foundation Research Fellowships, and the UW–Madison Advanced Opportunity Fellowships (AOF). AOFs support the recruitment and retention of highly qualified underrepresented students and are supported by the State of Wisconsin, the Graduate School, the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education, and the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation.

BTP may also include other domestic or foreign students in our courses and programs, but their support must be provided by other sources. These students can request participation in BTP at any time of the year, and these requests are approved after review by the Executive Committee. These students must still meet all program requirements.

The chart below offers an illustration of how BTP participants were funded over the last 15 years.

Fellowship Information

Number of trainees who joined in the last 15 years and got additional fellowships
  • 64 — or 41%
Number of trainees supported by more than one additional fellowship
  • 8