UW–Madison announces UW2020 funded projects, with BTP mentors on several

Numerous University of Wisconsin–Madison Biotechnology Training Program (BTP) faculty trainers are on recently awarded UW2020 Round 4 projects. The goal of UW2020 is to stimulate and support cutting edge, highly innovative, and groundbreaking research at UW–Madison and the acquisition of shared instruments or equipment that will open new avenues for innovative and significant research.

The awards represent the fourth round of UW2020 funded projects since the initiative was launched by the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education. UW2020 is underwritten by the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF) with combined funding from other sources.

The projects and the trainers involved are listed below.

Images illustrating UW2020 Rount 4 projectsHelen Blackwell (Chemistry), Katrina Forest (Bacteriology), James Keck (Biomolecular Chemistry), Glen Kwon (Pharmaceutical Sciences), and Michael Sussman (Biochemistry), collaborators: Accelerating Lead Optimization to Clinical Application Using Microscale Thermophoresis to Quantify Molecular Interactions

Michael Sussman (Biochemistry), principal investigator; Michael Cox (Biochemistry), Timothy Donohue (Bacteriology), Heidi Dvinge (Biomolecular Chemistry), Richard Gourse (Bacteriology), Chris Todd Hittinger (Genetics), Aaron Hoskins (Biochemistry), Jason Kwan (Pharmaceutical Sciences), Robert Landick (Biochemistry), Trina McMahon (Civil and Environmental Engineering), Vatsan Raman (Biochemistry), Federico Rey (Bacteriology), Philip Romero (Biochemistry), Michael Sheets (Biomolecular Chemistry), Eric Shusta (Chemical and Biological Engineering), Lloyd Smith (Chemistry), and Garret Suen (Bacteriology), co-principal investigators: Acquisition of an Illumina NovaSeq Next Generation DNA Sequencer for UW–Madison

Anjon Audhya (Biomolecular Chemistry), principal investigator; Matthew Merrins (Medicine), David Pagliarini (Biochemistry), Krishanu Saha (Biomedical Engineering), co-investigators: Advancing CRISPR-mediated Genome Editing Technology at UW–Madison to Model Human Disease

Martin Zanni (Chemistry), collaborator: All-Optical Electrophysiology-Electrophysiology without Electrodes

Ying Ge (Cell and Regenerative Biology), co-investigator; Federico Rey (Bacteriology), collaborator: Building a Translational Research Pipeline to Personalize Diabetes Prevention and Treatment

Krishanu Saha (Biomedical Engineering), principal investigator: Gene Editing Nanomedicines to Correct Pathogenic Mutations in Retinal Pigmented Epithelium

For a complete list of projects see this link: https://research.wisc.edu/funding/uw2020/round-4-projects/