BTP Mentor Named as National Academy of Inventors Fellow

Photo of David Beebe, Biotechnology Training Program trainer
David Beebe, Biotechnology Training Program trainer

Biotechnology Training Program faculty mentor David Beebe is one of three University of Wisconsin–Madison researchers to be announced as a National Academy of Inventors fellow. Joining him in the class of 2023 are Guang-Hong Chen in the department of Medical Physics and Yoshihiro Kawaoka in the School of Veterinary Medicine. UW–Madison’s three new fellows bring the university’s total representation to 18.

Beebe, professor of biomedical engineering and professor in the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, leads the multidisciplinary Microtechnology, Medicine and Biology Lab. He also is a fellow at the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery and is a member of the UW Comprehensive Cancer Center. Beebe holds 67 U.S. patents and 19 international patents in biomedical engineering. Of his U.S. patents, 50 have been licensed or optioned to commercial entities, as have 13 international patents.

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